Saturday, February 27

Hello Baby Boy

Here he is, Baby O, our last bio-baby.  He came earthside November 11th, just before the stroke of midnight.  He's had a little more trouble breastfeeding than Adventure Girl did, but we've stuck with it.  He's a snuggler and quickly earned the nickname "Teddybear".

My best friend sat in on the birth.  I'm a very private person and had my doubts about even her being in the room, but I haven't regretted it for a second.  She cheered me on (Papa J is more of the hold-your-hand-silently-while-you-scream-breath-and-push type), cried tears of joy, and took photos for us. 

Baby O had some jaundice issues, as some breastfed babies do, and gave me a scare on day two.  An overnight with some bili-lights made him feel better.

He's almost 4 months now and is teething, playing with toys, and loves to sit up propped.

Doodle Bug is older with this baby and has no fears about holding, calming, and feeding his baby brother.  Adventure Girl brings him toys and kisses his head all day. I love my family.