Monday, September 22

Mabon in Pictures

We are finally getting settled after returning from our weekend in the woods for the Equinox.  We baked and sipped warm cider around the fire.  We ate dark chocolate and made autumn head garlands.  We talked about our gardens and our pets.  We took walks and drank apple wine.  It was a glorious weekend.

To begin, we settled into the cabin with our bedding and various supplies.  Baby E was jealous that Daddy and Brother got to go into the top bunks, so Papa J took her up and let her see what it was all about.  She much preferred it on the ground with Mommy.  Mommy likes to take a shower in the clean spring water and soak in the sunlight and fresh air.  It brings the vibrancy back to her soul.

We added our various altars and decorations.  The cabin needs witch-ified before our guests arrive.


Then, we started the balefire and began to unwind outside.  Some played cards, some roasted marshmallows, some read in the shade of the hemlocks. 

After a cozy night's rest, we prepare for a day of celebration.  We chill the wine, stack the firewood, bake the casseroles, and set the ritual space.  We spritz-dyed shirts and wove head garlands.

Our ritual was very off-the-cuff this year.  I had a basic idea of how things should work, but everything I seemed to type up felt unsuited to the energy of the day.  In the end, we sort of made it up as we went along.  It was still beautiful.

We were in the woods for four days and yet it was a blur of laughter, friendship, and love.  Next year will be our 10th anniversary and we are already spinning ideas to make it the biggest, best year yet.

And special thanks goes to our open-minded friend, Tonya, who took time out of her hectic schedule to photograph our ritual.  Mwah!