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Thursday, June 26

Remind me why I wanted to move???

Moving has been a disaster.  Landlords, funding crisis's, impossible deadlines, and enough stress to put down a bison.  We've been in our new apartment for 26 days.  In that 26 days we hit the usual rounds of Memorial Day cookouts, vacationed in Gettysburg for a week and went camping for Litha.  We had a total of 3 days at home to unpack. 

It's not quite done.

It may not be done until September. 

I found the dining room table today and cleared a space to set up my laptop as my desk is hopelessly buried in wires, blankets, and baby toys.  I needed some time to blog and catch up with all my friends who travel to fantastical Summer Solstice destinations like Wickerman at Four Quarters in PA and the Pagan Spirit Gathering at Stonehouse in IL. 

How I long to travel and festival again.

But the reality is that I have limited funds and a family that doesn't travel well. 

Instead, we have gathered with friends in what is becoming a larger event each summer.  We have faith that it may slowly grow into its own Litha destination in 10 years time. 

Vegetarian chili is bubbling in the crock pot and my camera is ready to spew forth.

Love and Light!