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Tuesday, November 5

Our Wonderful Samhain

Pumpkin carving was an adventure this year.  This was Baby E's first time and Papa J was her pumpkin-day buddy.

 The cold gooey insides did not entice her, but Daddy helped her out and carved a wide grin with 2 little teeth, one for each tooth Baby E had gotten this month.

Doodle Bug did his own thing this year and ended up with a crazy one-eyed monster pumpkin.

Trick or Treating in northwestern Pennsylvania is always a gamble.  Without fail, it has either snowed, sleeted, or been below freezing on October 31st for the past six years.  Because of this, we usually divvy trick-or-treat up between a few local events at nursing homes and shopping centers.  It makes those expensive costumes worth it (instead of 1 night, we get 3-4 nights use) and there are usually activities offered.

Doodle Bug chose to be Dracula after being super-hooked on the movie Hotel Transylvania this month.  We didn't want to burden Baby E with too much, so we got her a "my first halloween" onsie and wrapped her stroller in spider webs and glowsticks.

Doodle Bug's interest in ritual continues.  This year, we participated in a neighborhood ritual wherein we wrote letters to our beloved dead and burned them in a balefire to send to the spirit world.

Unfortunately, just prior to the ritual, Doodle Bug suffered a painful loss.  A neighbor knocked on the door to see if we were missing any Skylanders.  She had found some remnants in the parking lot.  Sadly, it was Chop-Chop.

He was Doodle Bug's favorite character.  :(

We shed a few tears and then had a long talk about being responsible with our toys so that the rest of our Skylanders would feel safe.

During the Fire Mail ritual, he drew a happy picture for Chop-Chop and a few pets he's lost over the years.  We all threw our letters into fire and then had a candle-lit procession towards the community hall for an Ancestor's Dinner.

I used to like the traditional Dumb Supper, but seeing as how the Dumb Supper is usually a silent experience and my family and quiet don't often coexist, we renamed the experience the "Ancestor's Dinner".

We dress up a little.  We cook a fancy dinner.  We light candles and dress the table with photos of the dead.  We gather, we tell stories, we cry a little and laugh a lot.

I think that sums up the growing sphere of traditions for Samhain In the House of Mama Stacey.  We often throw a massive Halloween party as well, but this year we were unable to rent a space and with all the hectic family stuff going on, we decided against it.  Perhaps next year :)

Friday, November 1

Are you waiting?

I met another woman the other day who practiced her Paganism "in the closet".  She insisted that she is still going to pass it on to her child, but wants to wait until they are old enough to understand. 

I hate this.