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Tuesday, September 24

Our Mabon Tradition

This was the eighth year that we packed up and headed for a tiny cabin along a skinny creek, surrounded by hemlocks and sassafras trees, for Mabon weekend.  I brought along our "Beware of Witches" sign, just for kicks.

We began with a small Harvest Moon ritual on Thursday night.  This was exciting for me because this was the first time Doodle Bug voiced a desire to officially take up a role in ritual.  I helped him to call upon quarters and salted the circle.  Afterwards, he eagerly awaited a chance to do it again for our sabbat ritual on Saturday.

We chose to create commemorative t-shirts this year.  We began by taking a nature walk to collect things we wanted to stamp onto our shirts.  I chose sassafras leaves and some local apples.  Doodle Bug chose a large long leaf from a wild plant and a rock.  The rock print didn't turn out the best, but he knows what it's from and he's happy with it.

We stuffed garbage bags into our shirts so that the paint wouldn't bleed through.  We used acrylic paints because that's what we had and we know from experience that it really doesn't wash out :)

Apples are a main feature of Mabon for us, so we made sure to include apple prints.  We sliced them along the core to get the traditional "apple" image, but also sliced across the core to get the hidden witchy star to show through.

We ended up enhancing the star with a dark color.

We then added "Mabon 2013" to our shirts.

On Baby E's I added stamped swirls from the end of a cinnamon stick.  They turned out really well.

I also had both of the kids put a hand print on mine, and let me tell you, getting a 5 month old baby to cooperate with that was quite a task.

The power went out for about 6 hours one night and it was pouring rain out.  We passed the time by playing card games and talking with each other.  It was nice to be unplugged for awhile.

As the cabin has an electric stove, I resorted to cooking dinner over the cabin's woodburner.  It turned out very well.  Our mock-beef stew and garlic toast was excellent on a chilly evening. 

Equinox morning, I made a double batch of buttermilk pancakes and we smothered them in apple butter syrup.  Baby E tried pancakes for the first time and devoured them.  My baby girl is getting so big!

Our ritual was small this year as it was a bit too cold and wet outside for a fire ritual.  (I'm not the best at being able to start a fire on a good dry day, let alone a soggy one.)  After the rite, we shared a giant spaghetti dinner as has come to be our tradition.

We reveled in witchy junk food and our new board book, "Room on the Broom".

And I took an embarrassing amount of baby pictures!

Baby E wrapped in Mama's scarf.

Trying out a jingly anklet.

Always, Dr. Who.