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Thursday, April 25

Adventures in Boobie Land

Baby E is 26 days old today.  At the time, her birth felt far from magical, but looking back it definitely stands out as one of the most brilliant moments of my life.

Baby E, the newest addition to The House of Mama Stacey.

The short version of our induction catastrophe: too many doctors, no one talks to each other (or apparently reads charts!), I spent two days hooked up to pitocin with a baby being pushed against my pelvic bone before they realized there was a problem, on the third day a new doctor fixed the problem and Baby E came fast.  This mommy hates pain.  No kidding; I am a huge wimp.  I demanded an epidural, which they rushed to get me, however it didn't take.  At this point, after two and a half days of labor and people poking and prodding at us, Baby E took matters into her own hands and was born with 4 solid pushes.  Ouch! is a very mild way of summing those few minutes. 

This past month has been a roller coaster of all night cluster feedings, pulled stitches, no sleep, a frustrated older brother, and fights with my partner based on nothing more than pure exhaustion... but in the end patience, love, and understanding bring our little family back to each other. 

Breast feeding has always been a dream of mine.  I tried over and over with Doodle Bug, but bad advice from a nurse as we were discharged mixed with stress, youth, illness, and having to return to work ended that journey and Doodle Bug was put on formula.  I have regretted that for years, especially when his delays came to light.  As a parent, you can't help but wonder if you caused or contributed to something like that.

Anyway, Baby E was born a breast feeding champ.  Within minutes of being born, she latched and she loves her boobie milk.  In moments of sleep deprived frustration, we've put some formula in a bottle so that my partner can take a shift... she'll have none of it.  LOL  She will suck down expressed breast milk, but spits out formula.  I guess she knows the good stuff.

Aside from knowing that she's getting the best nutrition, I adore her enthusiasm.  She loves her boobie.  She will literally hug it so I can't take it away LOL.  It's so charming to see her snuggle in and close her eyes as she eats, all warm and gorgeous.  It really is the whole experience.