Sunday, July 29

A Naturewalk With the Huntsman

The children in our neighborhood came across a rather large spider yesterday.  They were keen to "squish" it, but I talked them out of it and put it into a large mason jar along with a bit of lettuce stem from our container garden.  After a bit of research I determined that it was most likely a breed of Huntsman spider.

His leg span was wider than the mouth of the mason jar.

 Doodle Bug wanted to keep the spider as a summer pet, much the way we had kept a pair of female wolf spiders last summer.  We had fed them crickets and watched as their eggs sacs hatched and their babies climbed on their backs.  We soon let them go into my mother's garden and they were on their merry way.  I decided that our Huntsman would not be comfortable in that situation due to his sheer size.

So this morning Doodle Bug and a friend of his went on a leisurely nature walk with me where we let the Huntsman go.  

Doodle Bug saying goodbye.

Our Huntsman is a little hard to see, but he's the leggy grey blob in the grass.

We spent the rest of our walk exploring along side a creek near a cabin we spend the autumnal equinox at most years.

Ground webs around a telephone pole.

Leaves of a sassafras sapling.

A hole in an old tree that insects seemed to be living in.

Doodle Bug and his friend Jazmine conquering a stump.

Beautiful image of splintered wood.

Noble tree roots.

The kids spent 20 minutes throwing rocks into the creek.

Doodle Bug's back side as he scouted for stones.

Bright red berries.

Doodle Bug throwing a dead branch in the creek.

An odd face in the broken root of a tree.

Large stones alongside the creek.

The kids wasted no time.

Doodle Bug offers "peace".

Berries growing along an old stone wall.

A very hairy plant.

An oddly curved stem.

A ring of moss.

We found a funnel web spider!
Mulberries along the stone wall.

Doodle Bug practicing his swing.

He didn't want to give me a smile... he was playing too hard.

A shady part of the creek.

Beautiful saw-tooth edging on this leaf.

Doodle Bug peeking through a natural hole in an uprooted tree.

We had a lovely time!