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Thursday, August 16

Crayons Need Friends Too!

A wonderfully talented friend from my festival days has created a gorgeous line of Pagan and Goddess based coloring packets.  I say 'packets' instead of 'books' because these are not bound, but instead printed on individual sheets so that they can be enjoyed one at a time.   The sheets are a thicker cardstock as well so that they can stand up to watercolors and markers.

As our children are either returning to school or taking up homeschooling practices again, these make a terrific gift to tuck in with all those packages of fresh crayons and color pencils. 


These, and many other varieties, are available on Kerri's etsy site: Unleash the Goddess.  I wholeheartedly encourage you to check them out and keep them in mind for birthdays, Solstice stockings and Ostara baskets too. 

Raising Organic Kids? Here's a Freebie!

If your cabinets are stocked with products like Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies and Stoneyfield's Organic Yogurt cups you can get a free recycled cotton lunch sack for your kids!!!

Annie's Homegrown has partnered with great companies like Seventh Generation and Honest Kids to make this offer happen.  All you need is 2 proof-of-purchases [from some of the stuff you probably already have in your cabinets] and the form found on this site: Back To School!

The site even has instructions for making a DIY envelope from scrap paper! 

Wednesday, August 1

Lammas Dinner

We honor Lammas with a feast tonight.  We boiled and mashed zucchini and potatoes [here, covered in homemade vegetarian gravy].  We chopped up Quorn, a mock chicken, and used a fried "chicken" recipe from the PETA website.  

Happy Lammas!