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Sunday, November 30

2014 Artisan Holiday Gift Guide for Pagan Children

It's CYBER MONDAY and we're kicking it off with our "2014 Artisan Holiday Gift Guide for Pagan Children".  This year, let's pledge to shop with fellow spirituals and artists for the holidays. 

Back in October, we asked for you, our loyal readers, to share the website of your favorite home-based artists with us.   The following is a collection of what you sent our way.  If you think of another artist who could be added to this list, get it to us by December 15th and we'll add it to the list. 

Terra Pooka: 'Crescent Moon Dolls' are 11-inches in size and created from organic cotton and bamboo cloth.  The dyes are low impact and vegan.  Each doll is the embodiment of an element of nature, such as 'Pine Tree' or 'Rain Cloud'.  Created in Nevada.

Moon Garden Stitches: From New Hampshire, Sophie has created a whole lot of goodies for you to consider.  Of note are these gorgeous crayon roll-ups and these flannel rice warmers in kid-friendly patterns like Marvel's Avengers and AG's Strawberry Shortcake. 

MoonWorks Emporium: Tammy, in South Carolina, makes these cute little Goddess dolls.  The simple shape and lack of accessories makes these a perfect "My First Goddess" for infants. Snatch one up while you can!  Message her on Facebook to order. 

River Scepters & Suds:  River, a 12yo homeschooled child, creates travel altars, pendants, and other Wiccan/Pagan items from his home in Maine.  His mother helped him put together an Etsy shop to sell his creations.  

Lilliana Press: Joni Rae is an artist with lots of talent.  She has PDF coloring books for Pagan children.  These are really nice!  If you'd prefer a physically print & bound copy, you can contact her.  She also makes these adorable custom Goddess dolls.  They have dangling crystals and are stuffed with polyfill and herbs.  The other astounding offer she has are these matte prints of her art.  Many feature baby wearing or breastfeeding (one even has Doctor Who's TARDIS, for those so inclined!)

Family on Bikes: This shop is run by artist Nancy Sathre-Vogel of Idaho.  She loves to mix it up with copper.  Your teen children might love a chance to sport some custom made wrist cuffs or pendants. 

Orange Blossom Babies:  Jocelyn makes homemade plushies and crochet caps for kiddos.  This busy mom, based in Florida, custom makes each order so contact her on Facebook soon! 

Reed Silk Studios:  Based in the United States, this family handcrafts every item you see on their site.  Bill makes the wooden cars and dyes them with all natural items such as turmeric.  Kate creates play silks from Habotai silk and non-toxic dyes. 

A Hippie with a Minivan: Melissa creates felt items from her home in Canada.  These are breathtaking!  Made from wool and pure artistic skill.

Clea Danaan:  This heartfelt author has a few books available that your older child may enjoy.  If your teen could use a Pagan/Green Living devotional, or a book about the Zen of raising chickens, please check Clea's books out.  

The Blessed CauldronThese ritual items are handmade in Texas.  Latisha uses stone, wood, paint, and wire to create unique pieces that your tween or teen may love to add to their collection of magical tools.  

Do you sew, dye, stitch, carve, mix, write, or otherwise create something that an Earthy or Pagan family could give as a gift to their children?  Does your creation help pregnant mothers or appeal teenaged boys?  Go ahead and send us the information by December 15th to be added to this list. 

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