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Wednesday, January 16

My Special Doodle Bug

My son is awesome. 

I just have to put that out there today.

He's a special needs kid and may never be academically up to par with his peers or even children 5 years younger than him, but he's just a dynamic human being.  He's pretty well behaved and (usually!) listens to adults.  He has a big personality and my partner and I are starting see a little comedian emerge.  He plays along with my every scheme to involve him in cooking and blog posts and photo ops.  He does household chores with a smile on his face (most days... and let's be honest, we all have our days).  Yesterday he pulled out the vacuum and cleaned animal cages with me, took the garbage out, cleaned his bedroom, and even helped me make dinner with very little complaining.  Lately, he has become very interested in hugging my belly and singing songs to his hibernating little sister.  He's getting just as excited as my partner and I. 

And he's such a good sport!  He was invited to an all-girl's party (the theme was "princess tea party") and agreed to let me dress him as a prince at short notice.  He put on a girl's button up shirt (with a kind of a peasant/pirate look), women's work-out pants, a pair of my old festival boots, and an inflatable crown from Chuck E Cheese.  He was a tad bit embarrassed when we got there and a gaggle of 8yo girls in tiaras giggled at him, but he bounced back within an hour and chased the girls around with his glowstick sword until it was time to go. 

Everyday he is making progress in some academic area.  Yesterday his teacher sent a note home letting us know that he's rocking their unit on telling time.  He likes his teacher, he gets along relatively well with his classmates (it's a class of 7 boys so there will always be some strife, but he likes all the boys well enough). 

He struggles with physical activity (something we thought was just a gross-motor issue, but are finding that there may be more to it as the genetics and endocrinology departments at Children's Hospital are taking an interest in him).  But he's eager to get out there and try anything.  He dreams of being a skateboarder much to his mother's dismay, but nonetheless we got him a skateboard and elbow pads for him to break out when the snowy weather clears.  He learned to ride his bike without training wheels this past summer thanks to some minor ear surgery that helped his balance issues. 

Really, he's just a fantastically happy child with busy days and some great friends.

It's me that has the problem.  I get to reading his IEPs and progress reports and am so proud... and then I'll read on Facebook or a friend's blog about how their 5 year old has started reading, or is doing fabulously in T-ball, or any number of milestones and accomplishments... and it bums me out.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy for my friends and their children.  And I understand that some of the other special needs mommies out there have children with far more progressive diseases and struggles than I.  But I still deal with daily regrets for my baby boy.  I worry about his future a lot.  I think about the things that I just can't foresee for him, like being in a mature relationship, having children, going to college, living on his own, etc.  But at moments like that, I have to remind myself that maybe Doodle Bug doesn't want those things.  Maybe my little man has his own dreams and will most likely carve his own delightful path in life.  I need to remember that his goals are different than mine, his father's or even his sister's will be.  My partner also reminds me to live in today instead of tomorrow. 

Today, Doodle Bug is taking a fieldtrip to the local library.  Today, he has music class and will learn to play a song on his "flute" (a $3 recorder that he thinks the world of).  Today, he is going to go to the YMCA with me to run on the treadmill (he says he feels like a ninja when he runs!).  Today, he is going to play the new Ben 10 video game with his best friend and maybe beat a new level. 

As for tomorrow?  I don't know.  I will admit that that scares the crud out of me, but it doesn't scare him.  His future is his own and I will support him every day in every way, no matter what.


  1. He's an Awesome Kid! I am glad I got to be a part of his life when he was growing up!

    1. OMG, I'm so behind in comments! Thank you Ryan. You were a special part of his toddler years. <3