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Music for Pagan Children - Revised

Since the beginning of the ITHOMS blog, back in 2011, the most popular/sought-out post is this one.  I often try to update it, renew links and photos, and add suggestions.  However, the grander it becomes, the more this post mirrors our Music & Audio Tracks for Pagan Children page so much that they may as well be one in the same.  

 So, if you are looking for a straight list of links and titles, click HERE

The rest of this post is simply my commentary on the Pagan music scene and my journey towards finding spiritual music for my children.  
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Back in the early 2000s, when Doodle Bug was born, Pagan children's music was non-existant.  I mean, there were a few songs, but they were privately recorded, or out of print, or honestly unappealing to children.  I only knew of a few well-worn cassette tapes scattered amongst the Pagan families we huddled with at festivals. 

I was an avid festival goer at the time and so when my son was small, I taught him circle chants and the choruses from a few Pagan songs I'd heard at lawn concerts.  It wasn't much and he didn't care for most of it.

Slowly, the world of Pagan music began to change.  It started to move away from droning chants and continuous drum tracks.   Musicians got bold.  They got brave.  Today, there are Pagan punk bands, Pagan garage bands, even Pagan rock and metal bands.  Pagan solo artists are all over the festival and convention circuits.  This May (2016) will see the very first all Pagan music festival down in Georgia (Caldera Pagan Music Festival).  

With this surge in general Pagan tunage, we are beginning to see some growth in child and family friendly tracks for Pagans.  Seriously, there is still a huge imbalance, but it's getting there.  There are very few albums, but many singles and tracks that are part of larger albums.  

Recently, several artists from Spiral Rhythm launched a crowd-funded campaign to record a children's album.  It will be titled Mother Moon Lullabies and will contain 100% original Pagan and Goddess friendly children's songs.   

The landscape is changing and, especially now that Adventure Girl and Baby O have come into my life, I can't wait to see what the future holds for Pagan families! 


Kellianna's pure, clear voice is a wonder.  Her "Direction Song" is child-friendly and her "Gaia Loves" is pure lullaby material.  We sing along with her "Lugh" song during Lammas. 

Sample and then purchase what you love here.



If your children have heard of Emerald Rose, it's probably for their great Solstice song "Santa Claus is Pagan Too!". I know it's in the tumble for the entire Winter Solstice season here in our house.

This terrific Celtic rock band has a bunch of tongue-in-cheek songs that may not appeal to young children, but middle school and older kids may enjoy them. "Chocolate Frog" that pokes at the world of Harry Potter, "Clockwork Love" is inspired by steampunk-ification, and "Chicken Raid of Cymru" is about a man on a mission and HILARIOUS!



Friends of Rupert is hosted by Kyrja (author of the Rupert's Tales books).  She leads meditations, teaches about the sabbats, and sings fun made-up pagan songs for the children.  She also shares relevant videos on her YouTube channel.  

There is a channel on YouTube hosted by something called the Magical Circle School.  They have a few original pieces and also host music from other performers.  Their Harvest Chant is terrific and features images from The Pooka Pages.  Irish language music is also available on their channel. 



Sara Jordan Publishing has an album out, accompanied by a workbook in some cases, called 'Celebrate Seasons'. We found it at a thrift store for $2, but it is on Amazon as well.  
There are songs about hibernation, solstices, making maple syrup, etc.  They are certainly nature-based songs, but they have a very specific scientific element to them as well. 

While this used to be solely found on cassette, it is now available on CD and now on digital download. Yay!

Putumayo is an international music company and they have an extensive children's department.  They offer albums of music from every continent.  Their "Celtic Dreamland" has much naptime potential.   Their reggae and Australian selections are jumpy and fun. 

Do you have any music you'd like to share? What have your children loved? We're always on the hunt for more, so go ahead and tell us about it!

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