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Tailteann Games

The Tailteann Games (or Tailteann Fair) is a tradition for Lughnasadh which stems from the funeral of a great goddess.  Tailte was an Irish queen who survived the invasion of the gods upon Ireland.  She was devoted to the people of Ireland and ensured that harvests were plentiful throughout.  She became the foster mother of Lugh, the high king of Ireland and God of the Harvest.  Tailte died of exhaustion after readying the Irish plains for farming.    Lugh created an earthen mound as her burial site and held a funerary celebration in her honor, similar to the Olympics. 

Modern Pagans often host competitions, backyard obstacle courses, or even board game extravaganzas in her name at the time of Lughnasadh and Lammas. 

Outdoor Games

Giant Backyard Ker-Plunk - by allParenting

Popcorn Dump Relay - by Better Homes & Gardens

Vertical Washer Toss - by Lowe's

"Stumps" Tug o' War - by Parents

DIY Cornhole Board - by Homes (Mama Stacey says you could paint these with images of Lugh!)

Indoor Games

Say Ah! Sugar Cube Balance - by Let's Get Together

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