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Table for Eight

I often reference "Table for Eight" in my more personal posts.  And no, it's not a blog or a cool new restaurant.  Table for Eight represents my best friend and her family.  She is an incredibly private person, so I came up with this little phrase to easily refer to them when I need to. 

They are polar opposites of our family in nearly every way possible.   They are fundamentalist Christians who both grew up in a politically red streak of Pennsylvania.  They are all about guns, red meat, and the Bible.  They believe the world is only 6,000 years old, rejecting both evolution and climate change.  They are anti-LGBTQ and pro-"keeping up with the Joneses".  They are pro-spanking and anti-breastfeeding. 

Does it cause strife?  Sure does.  I have lost count of the times one of us shakes our head and wonders, "How the hell are we even friends?"  However, more often than not, we are able to leave our differences at the door and focus on what we do have in common: beautiful families.   

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