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Table for Eight

Our closest friends in the world are a Christian family with six children and a beautiful dog.  I reference them often, so here will be where you can catch a glimpse of them.

They are typically Christian in that they believe the world is only 6,000 years old, gays are god-less, and my Pagan beliefs have condemned my soul to Hell.  That doesn't stop us from being friends.  Its all about love and tolerance, folks.

The Matriarch, my best friend, is a woman who loves to be involved.  She is always planning a party or coaching kid's soccer.  She is a 'free-range' mommy and does not believe in coddling her children.  She is the opposite of me in almost every way.  She's blonde, wears makeup, can fit into size medium pants, loves guns, red meat, and the Bible.  BUT, she also loves her children, loves to help, is always up for antique and thrift shopping, and always has an ear for me.  Also, we both agree that our husbands are idiots. 

The Patriarch is a car mechanic.  He loves NASCAR and is a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses type.  He's always looking for an angle or a good deal and hates paying taxes.  He is a good daddy who would rather snuggle his babies and watch Wheel of Fortune than hit the bar, any night.  

They have six children, aged 19 to 2.

#1 is practically a grown man anymore (boo!) and is trying to decide between being a pilot or a mechanic.

#2 is a smart and responsible girl who is going through a temporary "teen with a cell phone" phase.

#3 is a talented athlete who competes in gymnastics.  The world revolves around a tumbling mat.

#4 is the oddball, dark haired beauty (all the other girls are blond).  She is on the spectrum and carries her tablet and Elsa costume everywhere.

#5 is Adventure Girl's best friend.  They are daredevils and trouble makers, together. 

#6 is a tiny girl with some special needs.  She was a preemie, born with a reversed heart.

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