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Thursday, March 24

Coconut Tree Name Slider

Back in February, Adventure Girl was a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom addict.  While searching the web for nifty crafts built around the book, I found that several blogs had name sliders.  They were fancy and cool, but either too large (they'd been designed for a classroom) or the download was a bit out of range for our budget.

Instead, Mama Stacey grabbed a marker and some of our art supplies and came up with a nifty little Coconut Tree Name Slider that we'd like to share with you.

2 sheets of Cardstock
Permanent Marker
FREE Templates

Honesty moment.  I am a construction paper snob.  I know that I can get a pack of cheap paper from the dollar store, but it cracks when folded, fades absurdly fast, and leaves piles of lint in my paper bin.  You can't put it in the printer without making a mess... ugh.  I will use cheap staples, cheap glue, whatever, but I will drive across county lines for a sale on Pacon Tru-Ray construction paper.  It's recycled, the fibers are longer so I can curl it and bend it without it cracking, it comes in over 30 colors, and it's made with fade resistant dye.  They can sit in the open without the sun bleaching them white in a single afternoon.  Really, I may include this stuff in my wedding.  Haha! 
There are TWO templates for this project.  You can honestly get away with printing out only the "front" if it comes down to it.   They are completely FREE.  They are PDF scans of my hand-drawn pattern. 

Begin this project by hugging your child and kissing their face until they tell you you're being ridiculous and you really need to stop gushing on them so much.

Next, print the templates out onto Cardstock.  (If you are okay putting construction paper through your printer, feel free to print directly onto the colored paper.)  Cut the shapes out.  Carefully cut out the circle from the FRONT template and save the circle.

 Now, trace the FRONT onto the Green Construction Paper.  Then, trace the BACK onto the Brown Construction Paper.  Also, trace the circle FIVE or SIX times onto the Brown Construction Paper.  Cut everything out.

Lay the Green tree on top of the Brown and insert the Popsicle Stick between them.  Use the above photo as a guide to see how the Popsicle Stick should thread through the hole.

Leave the Popsicle Stick in place as you staple above the hole and then to either side of the Popsicle Stick's path.  It should be a little loose so that the Popsicle Stick slides easily.

I chose to hide the staples by gluing several Brown Circles around the opening so that it looked like a cluster of coconuts.

You're almost finished.  Time to spread some glue between the Green Front and the Brown Back.  Allow to dry and you're good to go.

Vertically write your child's name on the Popsicle Stick.  Slide the Popsicle Stick through slowly as your child recites the letters.  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

This project helps a child learn the letters and spelling of their name.  We incorporate this into our morning circle time twice each week.  Adventure Girl gets a kick out of it.

This project was part of our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom week.

For other projects and inspirations, check out our Preschool Home Educating page.

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  1. That is super cute. My little one doesn't need this, but I'll be bookmarking it for the next one that we're currently planning for. Thanks!