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Thursday, August 6

Lammas in Pictures 2015

Last year we went full hog for Lammas (Our Rainy Lammas).  We had set up Tailteann Games and a mini family festival atmosphere with banners and a tent.  We invited extended family, blessed the garden, and feasted on farmer's market finds.  We had so much fun that I was certain we would continue these traditions this year.

However, with Papa J still in California until October and my belly growing bigger every day (and my energy quickly dwindling), I just couldn't pull off the Lammas family festival this year.

I knew I couldn't stay home, though.  If I did, my laziness would overcome all good intentions and we would have spent Lammas watching Netflix and doing laundry.  So, I packed the kids up and drove to the State forest.

There, we finally made it to the Double Diamond Deer Ranch.  I had intended us to visit at Litha, but rain had canceled our plans.  This time, it was a gorgeous day and the kids fully embraced the idea.

It was a great "big-brother" day for Doodle Bug.  He made sure Adventure Girl saw every deer there and helped her to feed apples to the fawns.

Touching these magnificent beasts brought the spirit of Cernunnos to our holiday.  The kids got to feel their coarse fur, their wet noses, and the soft velvet on their antlers.  I was explaining about the energy of the God and his role as protector of the creatures of the Earth when we stumbled upon a smattering of green acorns on the path.  Yet another symbol of the God, it was a purely magical moment.  The kids loaded their pockets.  I want to make necklaces from them to remember the day.

After spending a long time wandering the deer park, we parked along the river and unpacked a picnic lunch.  We kept it simple: fresh veggies with dill dip, bread with natural nutbutter & fruit spread, and fresh lemonade.

Before we ate though, we lit a candle to honor the spirit of the harvest and split a small John Barleycorn loaf that we'd made the day before.

Doodle Bug lit one of our homemade smudges and blessed our table and our family.

We finished the day exploring the park and making plans to return.

I hope your Lammas was as peaceful and heartwarming as ours was. 

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