Tuesday, July 14

Introducing, Adventure Girl!

Our youngest has been known on this blog as 'Baby E' for over two years.  It was a nice place holder, but it is time for something new.

She was a ridiculously chubby and cuddly infant.  Those blue eyes and happy hugs have warmed hearts and endeared strangers.  The infant stage is a favorite of mine.  That rolly-polly, drooly giggle stage.  That cling-to-mommy stage.  That Elmo-makes-her-go-wild stage.  Adorable.

In her second year, Baby E's personality began to emerge.  She is a walking, shrieking beauty queen  with a solid stubborn streak.  She is fearless and determined.  She tackles things I am NOT ready for her to be doing, like climbing ladders, running free at the playground, or mixing cake batter with abandon.

Doodle Bug, her 12yo brother, was a skirt-clinger.  He didn't stray.  He didn't chase dogs and conquer the playground.  He didn't walk up the biggest slide just because it was the biggest.  He didn't grab the hands of other children and lead them on adventures.

Our little girl does all of these things and more.

She is an explorer and dabbler.  She is wild in the best of ways.  She is that girl wearing a ballet tutu and skull shoes.  She is that girl collecting worms with glitter pink polish on her fingers nails.   She wrestles her brother and dances with her mother.  She is the perfect blend of herself.

No longer a "baby" in the pediatric sense, I feel it is time to remove that from her title.  Especially with our son, 'Baby O', due in November, our daughter needs her own mark.

We debated quite a few names, like "Godzilla" (a family joke), or "Khaleesi" (our ode to Game of Thrones).  However, I wanted something she could grow with.

So, she will from this moment forward be known to you, our internet family, as...


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