Saturday, June 13

Planning for Midsummer

Memorial Day weekend, Mama Stacey gathered her little witches into the car and headed out of town.  We swam and gardened and grilled and visited with family.  We had a wonderful time unplugged and wrapped up in our little family cocoon.  By the time I bothered to check any of my electronics Monday night, I received a rush of text messages, voice mails, and social media noise.  Apparently, a misunderstanding between fair-weather friends had spun out of control and as the dominoes fell our area's brand new Litha celebration died.  The site was no longer rent-able and two key players had backed out.


It's always painful to be at the center of a dispute amongst friends.  I refused to take sides or repeat gossip, so completely bowed out of the event and the secondary events that spawned in its place.

Instead, I spent some time perusing the local state parks and compiled what I hope will be a beautiful private Midsummer weekend for our little family.  I found a campground with wooded sites and a sandy beach to splash in.

I also found a white tail deer rescue that allows the children to bottle feed fawns, pet the deer, and watch the bucks at play.  I hope that the infusion of stag energy will boost our Litha celebration.

We freshened up our camping supplies and cleaned off our campfire pie makers.  I have pulled the wagon out of storage so that we can haul firewood to build a sacred balefire saturday evening.

Healthy Mama has these simple instructions for making grass dolls that I hope to add twigs to in order to mimic the grand wicker men that will be burned at festivals across the globe (Wicker Man, Burning Man, etc.)

I own a camp stove, but I still think it's best to cook over the fire.  Between campfire pizza pies and jumbo marshmallows to toast, I think the kids will be well fed.  There's just something primal and sacred about cooking a meal over the fire (even for vegetarians).  It's easy to get fancy-schmancy with campfire pies, but I don't want to stress out by overdoing something basic.  Kids Fun Review keeps it simple. 

Tossing in some sparklers, some sand castle buckets, and a blanket to lay back and stare at the stars and I feel that we will enjoy a very nice Litha weekend.  I hope you enjoy the holiday, no matter what you end up doing.  Blessed Be!

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