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Monday, May 11

Beltane in Pictures

The Mama Stacey clan spent Beltane weekend in Pittsburgh at the Grove of Gaia festival in the north hills.  This year involved a free-roaming Baby E which was quite an undertaking.  She lived to run and dance and peek-a-boo, but only outside.  This left little time for shopping, though we did manage some crystals and sacred chocolates.  We also picked up another My Little Demon plushie to add to our collection.

The day began with two maypole dances (adults and then children/families), and this was followed by a color toss similar to those done at Hindi festivals like Holi

The color toss was fabulous and so kid friendly that I vowed there and then to work a color toss into one of our family rituals as soon as possible.  The powders range widely in cost and delivery method, so there's definitely some research to do. 

At that point we paused for lunch, picking up yummy chickpea salad sandwiches and lemon cookies from The Vegan Goddess.  Afterwards, the drum circle kicked off.  We listened to the rhythms, talked with friends, and played in the lawn.


Doodle Bug always seems to let his guard down and relax to the point of falling asleep at large gatherings.  I don't know if it takes him back to his toddler years when we festival hopped, or if being outside surrounded by "his people" is just that relaxing.

When she couldn't wake her brother up a second time, Baby E stole his crystals and dashed into the shade to play with them.  I am not inline with fae energy, but it seeps out of my little witchlet.  It is impossible to deny.

We ended our day with a meditative walk through a labyrinth.  The children walked through twice.  They were fascinated.

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