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Saturday, April 25

April Unplugged

Our house spent a good chunk of April ill.  Between flues, colds, bronchitis, and morning sickness we were bed-ridden for days at a time.  Unfortunately, Mama Stacey the most.  After our illnesses lifted and I figured out how to keep my nausea at bay (for the most part!), I spent time disinfecting our home and catching up on chores that had gone amiss for weeks.

When the laundry was done and our home thoroughly sterilized, I realized that my laptop had collected a bit of dust.  I hadn't opened it, other than to Skype with Papa J, in 10 days.  I had to laugh when it occurred to me that the world had kept right on spinning without me keeping up on headlines, or updating my apps.  The homeschool and vegetarian groups I stalked on Facebook hadn't sent out a search party for me.

There came a day when I chose to leave my laptop in the corner and take my daughter outside to play, instead.  I realized that I didn't miss the incredible unending internet.

Without the glow of a screen in my face at night, I went to bed on time.  I fell asleep soundly and quickly.  Without an endless stream of Buzzfeed articles and Pinterest images to keep me distracted well into dinner time, I stood in the kitchen with my children chopping tomatoes and shreddign romaine lettuce to help them make dinner.  I started tackling projects that had been laying in wait for me.  Without the internet on my mind, I suddenly had time.  Time for me.  Time for my children.  Time for visiting with friends.  

  • I read books.  Like real paper and glue books.  I am hooked on a 1970s mystery writer at present.  
  • I tried new recipes with my children.  Doodle Bug LOVES to cook and is turning into quite an enthusiastic 'chef'. 
  • I pulled my juicer out for the first time in two years.  Baby E "mmmm'ed" and "yummed" her way through glasses of carrot and strawberry juice. 
  • I took walks with my kids.  We went to the park.  We walked to a frozen yogurt shop.  We played in the sunlight. 
  • I planted seedlings and readied my patio for this year's container garden.  I fertilized my hibiscus trees and raked out some grass seed on the bare spots in my lawn.  I chased worms with Baby E.
  • I sold off some things that my kids no longer played with and made a little money.  I washed and bagged clothing for eBay, as well.  
  • I made it to overdue doctor's appointments and pow-wowed with Doodle Bug's therapists.  We caught up and made plans for his summer.
  • I spent time with my mother.  How sad it is that I forget to do that sometimes.
  • I rediscovered my sewing machine and made it the star of my crafting space.  I took on a few seamstress projects for my family.  My son will have a new Greenman-inspired summer cloak this week.  I hope to have mine and my daughter's Beltane blouses done by then as well.  

Potato salad and bike repairs are on my list of projects, today.  The children and I are having company and a little early summer picnic with friends on the patio.  Groovy music is pouring out of my kitchen speakers, so Baby E is dancing while eating a homemade cinnamon roll for breakfast.  Doodle Bug voluntarily turned off Netflix in order to go ride his bike (unheard of!).   

I must dash now, but I wanted to stop by and let you know how nice life has been away from the constant stimulation of the interwebs.  I encourage you all to try, for even a few days, letting the internet slip away from you.

It does wonders for the soul.  :)

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