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Monday, November 17

Sled Riding in November: AKA Big Brother's Magical Sled

Those first flakes fell on Halloween night.  They didn't stick and some in our area tried to pretend they weren't real.  The snow made it's big white debut the following weekend and we had our first storm warning Monday morning.  It has been sticking to the grass and making life for my inflatable Thanksgiving Turkey purely wicked.

Winter is here and Baby E is almost hostile in her desire to muck about in it.  Now, Mama Stacey is the type who loves snow dearly, from inside her warm apartment with a glass of Kahlua and Netflix streaming.

I'm not so crazy about the wet, cold, muddy, slippy, icy-roads part of it.  Baby E, on the other hand, is an adventurer through and through.  I will not be surprised if she grows up to ski and kayak and rock climb.

My wee witches were kind enough to give me a chance to photograph their evening out playing in the snow, today.  Baby E is incredibly lucky to have such an adoring big brother.  There is a decade between them and he has yet to stop loving her and caring for her.

Doodle Bug pulled his sled out.  It's name is BigFoot.  He hand picked it years ago and I have to say that even with it being randomly forgotten in snow piles and abused by all the neighborhood kids... it has weathered well.  Doodle Bug's a pretty big kid and still he and Baby E both fit on it.  It was such a great find and one that I have yet to stumble across again.

At first Baby E was confused as to what a "sled" was, but squealed with joy when her brother took her down her very first slope.  She was soaking wet and visibly shivering after 20 minutes, so I decided to tuck her under arm and whisk her inside.  She erupted in death wails and clung to her big brother's magical sled.

There's nothing quite like stripping down a sobbing, snotty toddler.  Truly.  But cartoons and a cup of cocoa changed her tune pretty quickly.  Her favorite mug is this nifty little Celtic design I found at a thriftstore last year.  It was quite suiting for her first post-sled riding cup of cocoa. 

Chocolate-Face crashed shortly after this.  Doodle Bug and I watched some (highly inappropriate, but you have to let a kid live sometimes) Futurama before tucking it in for the night.  It was a great evening.

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