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Saturday, November 15

7 Winter Solstice Button Crafts

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Did you know that there is a National Button Day?  It was founded in 1938 by the National Button Society and is celebrated on November 16th, every year.  Just in time, here are seven hand-picked button crafts for children to make to celebrate the Winter Solstice season. 

Papa J's Irish grandmother is moving from a sprawling three-level home and into an apartment.  This has been a time consuming process as she sorts, organizes, and gives away a lifetime of memories.  Amongst her things were jars and jars of marbles, eight giant totes of photographs, and tins full of beads and buttons.

I'm sure we all have a bag of beads and buttons somewhere.  If not, hit up your local thriftstore.  I am always seeing baggies full of them for a buck or two.

#1  Button Trees
A supremely simple, yet elegant creation, these Button Trees come to us from U.K. lass in U.S.  This craft's bonus for young children is that it offers a chance to practice fine motor skills and build up hand-eye coordination.  You will need some dark green embroidery floss and a collection of green and brown buttons.  This craft also calls for a a unique topper bead or button (they've used a star here, but if you find a glitter heart, a moose face, a glitzy witch hat... go ahead and try it out).

#2  Button & Twine Advent Calendar
How darling!  This is a more involved craft and may lose the attention of younger children, but older children and parents may find this beauty worth the effort.  Buzzmill has used numbered stickers on the ingenious twine stars, but Mama Stacey is going to suggest attaching numbered buttons like these found here.  You will need glue, an old frame, felt, assorted buttons, twine, and a star-shaped cookie cutter. 

#3  Button Noisemaker
When the sun rises on Solstice morning, your little witchlet can celebrate with this Button Noisemaker from Martha Stewart.   To enhance this for a Pagan household, I would use yellow, orange, or gold corrugated paper and matching buttons to make this look more like a blazing sun.  With mom or dad's help, most children can make this by simply using a hole-punch and glue.  Other items needed are corrugated paper (usually amongst the scrapbooking supplies), large tongue depressor, waxed floss, and a handful of colorful buttons. 

#4  Button Stampers
These are a snap to make and Me and My Shadow shows you how.  At Yuletide, these can be used to decorate wrapping papers, make holiday cards, play Bingo or Tic-Tac-Toe, be given as gifts, used to decorate pages in your BOS, used to create patterns on cloth holiday napkins, used to mark hands at your very own Jingle Bell Rockin' Solstice party....  Fast, cheap, and entertaining.  The perfect triad craft!  All you need is old wine corks, interesting buttons, super glue or hot glue.  To make the pattern show up better, place a notebook or small stack of napkins underneath of your stamping paper. 

#5  Vintage Button Snowman
So simple and quick, Scrappin' with DeeDee shows you how this cute little snowman can make use of your most beautiful white buttons.  This could use some glittered scalloping in my opinion, but works well on its own for folks who love primitive folk decorating.  The simplicity really speaks to me as a holiday craft for special needs children who may only have the attention to glue a few buttons and move on.  Note: to Pagan this up, change the words "Merry Christmas" in the sentiment to "Winter Solstice".  All you need is a superfine permanent marker, kraft cardstock, white buttons, glue, holiday twine.  Also, if you don't have a die-cut machine that will create this scalloped circle, I think these pre-cut ornament shapes would work perfectly. 

#6  Festive Button Necklace
If you hop over to Adventures of a DIY Mom, she shows you two ways to make this.  I feel that the first set of instructions would be easier for younger children.  How is this "festive", you ask?  Well, imagine it with red and green buttons pulled together with silver cord.  Or use tons of metallic buttons for a glitzy, bright-as-the-newborn-sun look! 

#7 Button Mobile
Button Mobiles come in all sorts of styles.  I've seen them white and glittery for weddings.  I've seen them rainbowed for LGBT households.  I've seen them crocheted, looped, tied, and glued.  This basic mobile from Enjoying the Small Things is charming and warm.  I would let my kids go wild and do their own thing, or you can urge them towards Solstice colors, if you like.  All you need is a wooden or metal ring, floss or twine, assorted buttons, and hot glue.  This can be hung to enjoy in your own home or your children can gift this to someone special.

Bonus Gift Wrapping Idea!
Buttons can even be used to help wrap your gifts, this Solstice.  Craft & Creativity shows us how easy and impressive this can be.  Add some button-stamps to that plain kraft paper and you'll have something truly special!  All you need is a large festive button, colored twine, and paper (you could even use newspaper).

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  1. Love these ideas! The button and bakers twine gift wrapping really puts it over the top!

    1. Thanks for stopping by BrenDid. I love hearing from my readers. The button and twine one was a huge inspiration for my own wrapping this year.