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Thursday, October 30

Post Sabbat Stall-Out

Post-Sabbat Stall Out: the lifeless limbo Pagans endure between the day one celebrates a sabbat and the date of the similar mainstream holiday that everyone else celebrates.   ie. Samhain v. Halloween, Solstice v. Christmas, Ostara v. Easter

This happens after quite a few holidays in our home anymore.  I see it as a sign that we are truly transitioning away from Christian-esque and mainstream holidays and into a solid Pagan holiday calendar.  However, it's still awkward.

Halloween is on a Friday this year.  Whenever this happens, the mainstream is ecstatic as it means there can be late night parties because most people don't work the next morning.  It means that community parades, church parties, Trick-or-Treat, family costume parties, and every other Halloween happening can occur over the weekend.

When you have children, you are invited to EVERY SINGLE THING in your community and people take no pause before asking your children if they coming to 'fill in the blank'.   So, the weekend is booked whether you want to leave your couch or not.

As a Pagan, this leaves you needing to bump Samhain (or Dia de los Muertos, Winter Nights, Summer's End, etc.) feasts and rites to a less crowded day.  For us in the Mama Stacey clan, this was last Sunday.

Admittedly, a filler picture.  I haven't gotten our actual photos situated yet ;)

We wrote letters to loved ones who had died and burned them in our magnificent cauldron.  We carved names and symbols into candles and adorned our Ancestor Feast table with them.  We ate stuffed vegan roast, herbed potatoes, cornbread, warm pineapple, peanutbutter cookies, and drank gingerbrew while telling stories of the dead.  It's a much less upsetting thing than outsiders think it is.

I always get strange looks when describing the Ancestor Dinner to others, but once they experience it, they come back year after year.  Low lights, touching stories, and good food.

Anyway, we had a marvelous Samhain celebration... LAST weekend.  And now this week has stretched and dragged with pumpkins and cobwebs and Walmart trick-or-treat and school events and repeated applications of face paint on the kids.

And I can't wait for "Halloween" to be over.  My brain is already moving on to Doodle Bug's birthday, Thanksgiving, winterizing the apartment, and even Yule preparations.  Yet, I can't start packing away spiders and zombies until after Friday.  I feel like I'm "one of them" if I stroll through the Christmas aisles at Kmart.  I feel like I'm in a train station and there's been a delay.  I feel this way several times each year and it never gets better.  

Do you ever suffer from Post-Sabbat Stall-Out? 

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