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Friday, October 17

Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day - in pictures

October 4th we loaded up the SUV and took a two-hour drive south to Pittsburgh.  We look forward to Pride Day each year.  It changes locations every few years and some have been less than desirable... but this year it was held at the BEAUTIFUL Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills.

It was a rainy day, so we spent most of it indoors.  Several outdoor vendors had to pack it in and relocated into hallways and entryways, so the event was crowded, but it was still enjoyable.

We began by donating several bags of dry goods to the foodbank that the Greater Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day event supports.  People also donated pet food to a local shelter.

The drum circle, Papa J's favorite part of any Pagan event, moved into a small room inside the building.  They still managed to host their drumming ritual and show some of the children new drum beats.

I attended a rained-out nature walk with Susun Weed.  It was an amazing experience and even thought I had to leave halfway through (kids!), I learned a lot.  I ended up buying some books from her and a CD of Goddess chants.  She was a doll and even autographed a book for me.  Yay!

Our family enjoyed Pear tarts, Squash & Potato handpies, Ginger Dead Men, and Three Sister's Stew from our friend Anne of The Vegan Goddess.


We sat for a concert by the wonderful Kellianna.

Baby E and Doodle Bug really enjoyed the bellydancers and the Hindu dances performed. 

 We shopped and shopped.  Our favorites were picking up some of Kellianna's music, a metal sippy-cup for Baby E, and some cuddly demons (My Little Demon) for Baby E.  Doodle Bug bought a pair of folding wooden chopsticks (from Our Children, Our Earth).

After the rain subsided, Mama Stacey and the kids spent the sunny part of the day outside hanging in the courtyard.  My sister joined us.

While outside, we met members of the local Dagorhir group.  I'd never seen anything like it.  They are fantasy re-enactors who use padded weapons to battle each other.  I chatted with one of the women in the group while Baby E watched one of the Dagorhir men practice archery.  Doodle Bug dove right in, padded shield and sword in hand.  He had a blast.  We nicknamed it "Nerf Ragnarok".

After working up a good sweat, we returned inside to eat some chocolates from Demeter's Delights,  hang out with friends, and listen to some more music.

Mint chocolate Greenman.  Yumm-o!

Drake, our ghost hunter friend and security for PPD.

Baby E was ready for a nice long nap in the car.

If you are ever on the fence about attending your local Pagan Pride Day event, I hope I can nudge you into making the trip.  There are far more talented artists and gifted readers than not and even if you don't have money to spare, the music, the conversation, the drumming and the various FREE activities are worth it.

Also, I think it's important that Pagan children attend community events like these.  Making sure that your children see that they are not alone in this lifestyle is important, so let them chit-chat with others at events like these.  Remember, this is their pride day, too!

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