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Saturday, September 13

Seed Saving

Tis the season!

Mama Stacey has been a seed saver for only a few years, but it's kind of addicting once you start.  I'm not sure if there is an official way to do this, but I'm going to show you how we save fruit seeds.

In particular, these seeds have come from a strange fruit we tried over the summer.

A kiss melon.

I imagine that it's named so for the unique flopped over point on top, reminiscent of a Hershey's Kiss.  This was a super fun melon.  It smelled like a cucumber, but tasted like a very sweet version of honeydew.   It was extremely juicy, too.

I couldn't help but save the lovely seeds from within.

To start, I washed all massive bits of pulp from them.

Next, I put them in a reusable produce bag that we got ages ago from Whole Foods.  I rinsed and rubbed and washed them in simple cool water.  No soap or heat.

This particular bag has a handy-dandy metal clip on it.  It makes it easy to clip to the herb-drying cord that we have strung up in our dining room. 

I left the bag hanging for about a week.  Every day I would shake and jostle the bag to make sure air circulated to all of the seeds and break up any damp clusters.

When they were nice and dry, I put them in a paper lunch bag.  I labeled the bag with the type of seed and month/year collected.  I stapled the bag and am storing it in my herb hutch (cool, dark, dry environment).

I look forward to trying to grow our very own Kiss Melons next spring!

Here's a link to chart of seed use-by dates:  Iowa State University "Life Expectancy of Seeds"

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