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Tuesday, September 2

Mabon Corn Necklace

While it thunderstormed outside, Baby E and I perused our bookshelves today.  We read a little "Herb the Vegetarian Dragon" and then picked up one of our many craft books.

"Celebrating The Great Mother" by Johnson & Shaw caught our attention.  We opened to the section on Mabon and found a craft entitled 'String a Native American Corn Necklace' [p94].

Personally, I would not recommend this craft for young children.  Boiling water and needles just don't need to be in tender young hands when the world is full of clay and construction paper.  It was a lovely creation, but I feel it is better suited to teens and adults. 

The authors instruct you to break colored corn off of old decorative cobs.  I did not have that, but I did have colored popcorn kernels.

I poured some in a glass dish and covered with water.  I then microwaved in two 60 second intervals and allowed the kernels to soak for 10 minutes.

The authors tell you to lay the kernels out on paper towel and pierce with a needle.  It was not that easy for me.  I found that the kernels dried and hardened to the point that it was almost impossible to push the needle through.

Instead, I used the needle to pierce them while they were still in the dish.  Being wet and warm helped them stay soft enough for the needle to sink in. 

Occasionally, I had to push the kernel down the length of the needle if it was particularly fat.  I did this by placing the eye of the needle on the table and pushing either side of the kernel down carefully so as to not be stabbed. 

I did a pattern of three yellow, three blue, three red.  I added a metal sun bead at the midway point. 

It will be a beautiful piece to wear in circle!

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