Tuesday, August 5

The Squirrel Mystery

Somewhere out there is a long-lost recording of Pagan children's songs that were written by a person named 'Squirrel'. The vocals on this cassette are credited to Mariah & David Redmond. The album is called "Mother Earth, We Sing to You" and is a treasure!

Unfortunately, I cannot find any information about it online, but have put my feelers out in an attempt to either find the original artist or track down digital copies.  ** In February of 2013 I was given a name to contact on Facebook, but all attempts at communication have gone unanswered. In August of 2014, I attempted to contact the copyright holder, Laura, via her remarried name. **

I came by it through my dear Doodlebug. One summer solstice, at the Pagan Spirit Gathering [when it was held in southern Ohio], my son participated in a children's magickal gift exchange. He received this cassette from a family whose child had grown out of it. It didn't leave our van's tape deck for 3 months.

The tracks include: "A Pagan Child Am I", "A Child's Charge of the Goddess", "Casting a Solstice Circle" and seventeen more wonderful songs. If you ever come across it at a magickal swap or a flea market or antique store, snatch it up as it is absolutely unheard of to most of the world.

Here is a photo of the cassette case's insert:

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