Monday, August 11

Gratitude and the Supermoon

Last night, my family attended a full moon circle for the supermoon.  There were Doctor Who debates, glasses of dark rum, children tickling each other, plates full of cooked cabbage and potato pierogies, and of course... drums!  We honored the importance of community and gave gratitude for each others company. 

Today, I continue to carry that gratitude in my heart as I realize just how lucky I am to be living an earth-centered Pagan life.  I planted a second crop of potatoes today while my daughter napped in the cool autumn-like air.  It started to sprinkle and I retreated inside to find my son playing a hand drum.  The sound of that mixed with the rain and a memory of Papa J kissing me in circle last night made my heart swell.  "I'm so glad I married a witch," he'd whispered to me.

I love my life and love where I'm heading with my little family and our diverse community. 


  1. Greetings Lovely!
    I have nominated you for the Witchy Blog Award!
    Blessings to you and your lovely family xx

    1. That is amazing. I am honored. Thank you so much for spending time with me here.