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Sunday, July 27

Lammas Masks

Our family will be attending a community Lammas event today (if the rain holds off!).  There will be a bit of dramatic ritual reenactment involving the mythos of the Corn King.  We were told to dress up and be ready to be drafted for various ritual parts.

We LOVE doing things like this.  When we are invited to themed events and costume parties, we are that family that actually dresses up.  Punk Rock birthday for an 8 year old?  Yep.  We had spiked hair and tattoo sleeves.  Bacchanalian NYE?  Yep, we had robes and gobs of costume "Roman" jewelry on.  

Anyway, Doodle Bug had a Greenman outfit, including a homemade mask, that went unused at Litha.  He wants to wear it for Lammas and so I decided that the rest of us needed masks, too.


The shirt was from a local outlet store and the staff was a gift. 
He loved the mask, but yesterday, Doodle Bug decided that his mask needed "more forest".  So, we added moss and sticks/stems.


The changes gave the mask more depth.  It looks way better in person; the photo looks very bland and flat compared to its actual awesomeness.

I had 2 black plastic masks leftover ($3 pkg from Michaels Art supply store).  I ran out to Dollar Tree and picked up moss, a bunch of floral picks, and some raffia.  I warmed up the hot glue gun and started creating.

I ended up with two new Lammas masks. 

I am thinking I will end up painting and glittering this last one.  It's just screaming for some purple and bronze glitter swirls!  We'll see what I have time for between gathering the family and making potato soup. 

Paired with some batiked shirts in harvest colors, these new masks should do nicely for our community Lammas rite.

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