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Friday, May 16

Blessing Our New Home

The Mama Stacey clan is moving into a new apartment this weekend.  Today, we sign and do the final walk through.  After the landlord leaves, yet before we move anything into the home, our family will perform a group walking ritual.  THIS is how we bless a home, In the House of Mama Stacey.

Papa J will walk with a sage and cedar bundle.  Mama Stacey will walk with salt water.  Doodle Bug will walk with a spritz bottle of rose water.  Baby E will walk with a bell.  

After cleansing the house and filling each room with our family's love, we will bring in a bottle of wine (so that we will never thirst).  We will next bring in a loaf of bread (so that we will never hunger).  We will also bring in a brand new packet of toilet paper (so that we will never want for basic necessities).  Mama Stacey will also bring in a large bamboo plant for luck. 

We will then turn on EVERY light and welcome "love and light" to our home.

At that point, we will leave and after 24 hours, begin to move our belongings in.

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