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A Baby Blessing Ceremony

I drew a lot of inspiration from the following websites:

Baby Blessings New Jersey
Reverend Allyson
Wiccan Moonsong
Wiccan Community Blog

I chose something that I liked from each of these pages, although I altered most of it to suit my needs.  I also flipped through my older grimoires for inspiration on the circle casting and word style.

This rite contains a purposefully bland circle casting so as not to alienate the non-Pagan family members present, although many of them approached us afterward to tell us how beautiful and interesting the ceremony had been.

Our altar was VERY plain, allowing a simple white altar cloth to be the center of attention.  This was done to keep our non-Pagan guests comfortable, but also due to the nature of the rite.  Our daughter was young, simple, and pure and so the altar was as well.

This is the ritual used for the blessing of Baby E, 2014.

-  to honor a child's heritage and bless her senses - 

Items needed we used:

Singing Bowl
Feather Fan
Red Candle
Water Bowl
Spring Water
Mortar & Pestle
Sea Salt
Sweet Grass Braid
Smudging Bowl
Goddess Candle
God Candle

Bottle of Rosewater
Green Candle
Yellow Candle
Orange Candle
White Candle
Black Candle
Necklace with Tree of Life Pendant

We began with gathering everyone around the altar space.  Mama Stacey, Papa J, and Baby E sat on a special bench inside the circle in the North (sacred to home and family).


"On behalf of (Father) and (Mother), I’d like to welcome you all here, on this joyous day. We have come together to take part in a ceremony to recognize, honor, and welcome their beautiful baby daughter (child) into their family, and into the wider family of their community and friends." 


"If you would stand and join us now, we will begin our ceremony with a series of breaths."
Everyone stands.

"Our first breath in…"  Ring the singing bowl and allow the vibrations to run silent.  "And as you breathe out, feel your feet firmly on the ground, rooting down into the Earth. Let Gaia support you."

"Our second breath in…"  Ring the singing bowl and allow the vibrations to run silent.  "And as you breathe out, let all the tension inside of you drain out through your feet. Let Gaia take it away."

"Our third breath in…"  Ring the singing bowl and allow the vibrations to run silent.  "And as you breathe out, let the love and light from the heavens pour over you. Let it rinse you clean, from the crown of your head to the roots of your feet. Let it flow."

Face East and fan the feathers."East, realm of first light, swift change and new beginnings. Home of inspiration, intelligence and imagination. May your winds carry heavenward the prayers and wishes of all those present."

Face South and light the red candle.
"South, realm of hearth fires, warm weather and laughter. Home of passion, frivolity and energy. May your flame burn bright in the hearts of all those present."

Face West and swirl the water bowl."West, realm of ocean waters, friendship and motherhood. Home of empathy, dreaming and purity. May the waters of life flow deep and joyful for all those present."

Face North and grind salt in the mortar & pestle."North, realm of ancestors, full bellies and stillness. Home of responsibility, strength and growth . May the ground beneath the feet of those present be sturdy and calm."

Light the sage bundle and walk the circle with feather, smudging the participants.
Sprinkle salt in the bowl of water.
Walk the circle blessing the participants.

"We call upon the energies of the feminine divine, the Venus, the Ocean Mother, the Great Lady to be with us today."
Mother comes forward and lights the Goddess candle."We call upon the energies of the divine masculine, the Greenman, the Sky Father, the Dancing Lord to be with us today."
Father comes forward and lights the God candle.


"Today is truly a celebration of love and of life!  (Child) is an incredible gift. Her smile, her laughter, and her presence enriches the lives of all who know her. In only her first year on this Earth, she has already made the world a better place.

She is born of your flesh and of your spirit. As her family, it is your strength she will need when she is weak, your guidance she will need when she is lost, your knowledge she will need when she is curious, your arms she will need when she falls, and above all your love that she will need throughout her journey in this life.

Family, heritage, and ancestry. These are important to both (father) and (mother). As parents, it is their intention to raise (child) with knowledge of her family bloodlines. They will do so through maintained contact with the generations and shared memories so that (child) will come to know her lineage, as is her birthright. To acknowledge this, we will shine a light upon each generation here with us today."

Light the green candle.
(Child)’s parents, (father) and (mother)."

Light the yellow candle.
"(Child)’s grandparents: (name), (name), (name), and (name)."

Light the orange candle.
(Child)’s great-grandparents: (name), (name), and (name). As well as (name), who could not be with us today."

Light the white candle.
"We also light a white candle for (child)’s big brother
(name), as her adoring helper and friend."

Light the black candle.
 "As we light our final candle, let us have a moment of silence. To honor those family members who have passed beyond this life.  (Father) and (mother) gratefully remember: (name), (name), and (name) amongst others for the roles they have played in their lives."

Moment of silence.

"(Father) and (mother) have chosen to acknowledge and honor the bloodlines, the history, and the people who have all gone into the creation of (child) by gifting her with this golden pendent. The tree-of-life engraved on it represents the ever growing family tree that (child) is now a part of."

Slide the necklace over the baby’s head.


Touch the top of the baby's head with a dab of Rosewater.
"You are connected, protected, loved, and blessed."

Touch the baby's forehead (third-eye) with a dab of Rosewater.
"All your senses are blessed, protected, and awakened."

Touch the baby's heart with a dab of Rosewater.
"Your heart is blessed so that you may feel compassion for yourself and others."

Touch both of the baby's palms with a dab of Rosewater.
"Your hands are blessed so that you may reach out to the world."

Touch the top of both of the baby's feet with a dab of Rosewater.
"Your feet are blessed so that you may connect with the earth, be grounded, and stand your ground in this world. Know that your spirit is strong and it will guide you through this life. Know that you are deeply loved and that your presence brings overwhelming joy."


"Lord and Lady, we thank you for witnessing our joy this day."
Extinguish the God and Goddess candles.

"Elementals, we thank you for your blessings today."
Snuff out sweet grass bundle and extinguish red candle.

"Let the circle be open and let peace and love be carried in your hearts as you leave here today."
Ring the singing bowl.

"Aho, Amen, and Blessed Be!"

Parents turn and hold the baby up for all to see.

"Family and friends, I present to you Miss --baby's full name--!"


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