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Monday, February 3

I drew Imbolc this Year

Our small community often gathers for sabbat ritual and celebrations.  When there are no volunteers, we draw names.  I was hesitant when my name came up for something so early in the year.  Having an infant strains my ability to even keep up with household chores let alone write a ritual, plan a menu, organize a craft and get invitations out.

The past year has not been kind to my heart.  There have been some really deep wounds and set backs.  My mental state isn't up to par and my sleep is if-y.  I'm one of those people who decides that when she can't control the outside world, she starts to micromanage the inside world.  You know Mama Stacey is stressed if she moves furniture or messes with her hair.

Blue haired Mama Stacey, 2014
I've moved the couch twice and dyed my hair blue.  :(

My other anxiety came about from the vagueness of the February 2nd sabbat.  Brigid is always an option, but as our other holidays are not centered on a single deity, I don't like using Her as a go-to every February.  There are Norse traditions, Roman traditions, Greek traditions and others... but I never feel a strong connection to them.  I read about a dozen fire rituals online and in the cold,wet dark night, those didn't seem to vibe with what was actually happening in our little corner of the world.  There was snow and ice and rain and rushes of water along the curbs... and it hit me.  I decided to base the ritual on water. And where there is water, there is space for healing.

I am a water sign and the more I played around with the idea, the more it just worked.  During my research into the needs of the ritual, I came across the concept of healing crystal grids and decided to do my own take on that too.

Doodle Bug preparing for ritual, 2014

Doodle Bug helped me draw and color a large geometric pattern on some foam core from the Dollar Tree.  Baby E screamed and ate crayons, as you do.

The healing theme transferred into just about everything we did for the sabbat.  Our ritual was saturated with blues and greens.  We served herbal tea and a vegetarian "chicken" noodle soup.  When our guests arrived, everyone whole heartedly agreed that life had been a shambles lately and we dove into the healing ritual.

Sugar cookies with healing runes iced on them. 
 Our altar was huge.  We literally used the dining room table.  We filled it with goddess imagery and delicate glass and crystal.  Lots of water and pure white cloth and candles.  We burned a huge chunk of white sage, cleansed ourselves with melted snow water, and allowed ourselves to bathe in the tones of a singing bowl and took turns venting and crying.  It was a beautiful ritual and wonderful bonding experience for our community.  It couldn't have turned out more perfect.
Healing Waters Imbolc altar, 2014

We smudged the skittles out of each other.

A friend donated a bottle of homemade Dandelion Wine for our libation.

Baby E participated fully in the ritual, bouncing between her mommy and daddy's embrace.

Papa J and Baby E on Imbolc, 2014

After feasting on banana bread, pasta salad, vegetarian soup, sugar cookies and deviled eggs, the women sat around the table and made a protection powder.

Ingredients for protection powder.

We ground dried egg shells with the mortar and pestles and then blended it with ground green clay powder and ground cinnamon. 

It truly was a gorgeous rite and pleasant day.

I will post a copy of the ritual tomorrow.  It is one I'd love to share.


  1. I am very happy to see you were able to over come the stresses and manifested a beautiful ritual celebration for your friends and family. Much love and Light in 2014 may it bring even more blessings to you. BTW I like the blue hair.

    1. Thank you. I am working on the transcript (whenever Baby E lets me!) and am eager to share our creation. It is in my top 5 favorites ever.

      ;) the hair color is growing on me