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Wednesday, June 26

Midsummer - A Week In Pictures

Midsummer celebrations In the House of Mama Stacey involved a weekend stay at a cabin followed by a weekend honoring of the super moon with swimming, feasting, and bonfires.

Jan, our ritual leader for the weekend.
Beautiful views along the nature paths near the cabin.

We left our painted stones out to soak up the energy of the summer sun.

Painting stones was the craft of choice during our weekend retreat.

Mama Stacey and Baby E enjoying a blanket in the shade.

Beautiful Baby E

Baby feet!

Brother and sister sitting outside of the cabin.

Papa J making dinner over the fire.

THIS is how you roast marshmallows... especially when the bag is 2 years expired!

And over the week, Mama Stacey discovered Instagram.

Making "sunburst corn" for our Midsummer feast.

Doodle Bug's 'eye of Ra' solstice day face-paint.

Fireworks are Doodle Bug's favorite part of full moon nights.

Big fire!

Baby E stylin' in her new solstice dress.

Papa J playing with kids in the pool, enjoying the summer heat.

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