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Friday, June 21

Egypt Makes Everything Cooler

Doodle Bug is a Pagan child for sure, but he's a 10 year old boy before anything else.  As cool as I try to make sabbats, sometimes they just don't stand a chance against an Incredible Spiderman marathon on Netflix or playing Transformers with Grandma.

So, in my hunt to get Doodle Bug excited for Midsummer, I came across this guy:

This super-falconized Horus is just as hulky and cool as any of the other superheroes in Doodle Bug's life.  I began to look into Egyptian lore for possibilities for a Midsummer celebration... and Horus is definitely the guy.

Sky God!
Lord of the Sun!

Eye of Horus by Sherrie Larch
[img source: Fine Art America]

Horus, the falcon-headed god, embodied all of the sky and everything in it.  His right eye was said to be the sun and his left eye, the moon.  The 'wedjat', sometimes known as the Eye of Horus, is a long standing symbol of the sun and a strong talisman for protection. 

We will be making amulets and talismans today as our sabbat craft.  I have dug out a bunch of gold beads and clay for him to work with and I have a feeling that Doodle Bug's art today will involve scarabs, scrolls, pyramids, and Ankhs.

If you think this might be a cool project for your child as well, check these simple instructions out:

Egyptian Amulets made from air-dry dough.
[img source: Art Club Blog]

Egyptian gods and proverbs will feature in our family ritual today.

Doodle Bug jumped on the Egyptian band wagon and wanted a Wedjat for solstice today, so I obliged as well as a tired mommy with a wriggling baby on her hip could.


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