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Sunday, May 5

Spring Has Finally Come - Beltane Week In Pictures

Slowly, Mama Stacey is returning to cyberspace.  This weekend, all I have energy for is the following 'Week in Pictures'.  Love to all!

While clearing up the rear patio, I found this softball sized toad in a pile of dead leaves.
He (or she?) visited with me for most of the afternoon before hopping off. 

Doodle Bug competed in our area's Special Olympics.
He won ribbons for Standing Long Jump, Softball Throw, and the 50 Meter Dash.

Baby E delighted us by settling into a routine of waking only once at night to feed. 
Papa J and I have never been so impressed by our ability to sleep 4 hours straight!

Baby E attended her first community festival Beltane weekend. 
She swayed with her daddy to the beat of a drum circle while cherry blossoms swirled in the air around them.

Mama Stacey and Baby E enjoyed the sunshine at a Beltane festival.

Doodle Bug carried his baby sister and danced to the drums. 
She LOVED it!

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