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Friday, March 22

Tsk-Tsk Phil

Mama Stacey has been trying to give Punxsutawney Phil the benefit of the doubt regarding his prediction of an early spring... but I can't live the lie anymore.  Six more inches of snow have fallen overnight, burying our poor little apartment.  As April draws near, I have this stunted feeling.  We should be enjoying sunlight and seedlings... but alas are dealing with 2-hour school delays instead.

And it doesn't look like it's letting up any time soon.

There have been calls for Phil to be prosecuted and killed for his crimes.  I'd be happy with a simple, "Ooops."  Mother Nature is her own force and poor little Phil can't stop the snow clouds from forming.

Honestly, my only real gripe is that this foul weather has made it all but impossible to take a tour of the maternity ward with my guys.  For medical concerns, Mama Stacey is being induced on Tuesday morning and had hoped to be able to view the facilities before that... but the snow-gods have spoken and it's not meant to be.

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