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Saturday, February 2

Phil Has Spoken!

Punxsutawney Phil, perhaps the world's most famous ground hog, emerged from his tree stump at 7:30 this very morning and conversed with the lords of his priesthood to share the glorious news that he did not (I repeat, did NOT) see his shadow this snowy February morning.  This form of weather divination, dating back to the times of the Romans, has predicted an early spring!

Phil being goofy with one of his handlers just moments after making his prediction this year (2013).
[img source: The Punxsutawney Spirit]

You can read more about this event via the Boston News or the article from Punxsutawney's own paper, the Punxsutawney Spirit.  The video below lets you spy on all the excitement that happened early this morning in Gobbler's Knob.

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