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Sunday, February 24

Ostara Pancakes!

Something about both Imbolc and Ostara make me excited about breakfast foods.  Perhaps it's the symbolic link about the wakening of the year that makes me link it to morning foods, or maybe the dinginess of wintertime in Pennsylvania makes me avoid nighttime celebration.  I like being active in the daylight!

In any case, I thought I'd share the idea of Ostara pancakes with you.  These are pancakes decorated as if they were Ostara eggs.  This activity is best tackled on a Saturday or Sunday morning when you have a more relaxed atmosphere due to the lack of a hurry-and-get-ready-for-school rush. 

There are a few ways of tackling Ostara pancakes.  Food coloring is one.

Amanda, from My Little Crafty Corner, used gel coloring in some divided pancake batter to dish this up to her family.  Liquid food coloring should work just as well, although the colors may be a tad less intense.  

[img source: My Little Crafty Corner]

Rebecca's Sweet Escapes shows you how to bake colored designs right into your pancakes. 

[img source: Rebecca's Sweet Escapes]

Food coloring phobic?  That's okay.  Another method is to crowd the table with diced fruit, yogurt, natural syrups, fruit spreads, and nut butters.  Let your children decorate their pancake the way you'd decorate a boiled egg.

Aarean over at Color Issue shares these delightful designs that she and her daughter came up with last year.  Click on the link to see a detailed list of what she included on each egg-shaped pancake as well as a pancake recipe that includes yogurt.

[img source: Color Issue]

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