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Tuesday, February 26

Images of Childhood Paganism

From the moment my beautiful son was born, I knew I was going to raise him as a Pagan.  I didn't even know what that meant (or how to do it!) but I stumbled through festivals and bought books and joined groups and left groups and attended lectures and wandered the internet... and never did it occur to me that I didn't have to really DO anything.  I just needed to live my life as a Pagan and include my son in the wonder.

As I approach the birth of my second child, I find myself reflecting on Doodle Bug's younger years and I've been flipping through photos.  Some are just delightful reflections of having Paganism in your veins and I wanted to share them with you.




Setting up our portable altar at our group campsite during Pagan Spirit Gathering at Wisteria.


Giving Ganesha a smile at the Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary. 


A tiny Doodle Bug during an Ostara egg hunt on a local homestead. 

Apple picking for Mabon.

Pumpkin painting for Samhain.

Singing Yule carols and making pomander balls.


In case you're unaware, by the fifth day of a Pagan festival, your child will be in full "free spirit" mode.
Here, Doodle Bug was loving sarongs, glow sticks, and his Jack Sparrow pirate gear. 




Checking out the "big rock" at our Mabon campsite.


Post-Beltane nature walk.

Holding the July moon.
Holding a bearded dragon at Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day.

Marveling at new stones at Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day.

Trying to meditate during our Mabon cabin retreat.

Sharing stories with community elders around the Mabon fire.

Painting paper mache skulls for a Day of the Dead celebration.


Feeling out mommy's tarot deck at a Samhain celebration.

Pumpkin carving for Samhain.

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