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Tuesday, December 11

The Stag in Winter

To me, a very strong symbol of maleness is that of the stag.  An antlered lord of the forest.  Cernunnos in the flesh.

Cernunnos art from Viradaka
 When I envision "the god" he ends up being some radical mixture of an antlered stag and the leafy Greenman.  And why shouldn't the lord of all nature not be antlered?  Antlers are just gorgeous!

Thunder, a bull elk in Missouri. 

Reindeer eating grass.

I love when movies exchange the traditional role of Mother Nature with a horned image of the King of the Forest instead.

Screenshot from 1997's Princess Mononoke.

Screenshot from 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman
[source: ApurvBollywood's movie blog].

Why do I associate antlers with the Winter Solstice?  Perhaps it's a leftover from my childhood imagery of Santa Claus and his team of reindeer.  Perhaps it's due to the mature racks found on the deer who roam the Pennsylvania woodlands this time of year.  Who can really say? 

However, because of my love affair with horned beasts this time of year, there are quite a few antlered ornaments on the solstice tree in the House of Mama Stacey.

My dream tree-topper is a pair of antlers mounted in such a way that it would look like the tree has horns.  These would have to be either fallen antlers or made from clay or wood as the vegetarian in me simply can't accept something made from an animal whose life had been cut short by a hunter.

This would be my the perfect mug for some warm tea on Solstice morning in my home.  A cookie plate to match would be fantastic!

Antler mug from Earth Elementals at

And of course, hats and headbands with antlers on them are more common in my home than Santa hats.  I just adore them!

[image source: Maria Murray]
Antlered headbands from
Princess Abigaila on
And there's always room for "antlered" treats on Solstice!  Click the link below for the super-simple instructions for these adorable beasts.

Reindeer cupcakes from Welcome Sunshine Home's blog.

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