Wednesday, December 19

Pagan Gingerbread

Baking gingerbread cookies is a Winter Solstice tradition in the House of Mama Stacey.  It is a process of many days, organic ingredients, funky cookie cutters, and elaborate decoration.

To begin, we use more natural ingredients in this dough than we do for our other batches of cookies.  We use organic flour, blackstrap molasses, raw sugar, and freshly ground spices.

Our recipe is an adjusted version of the Vegan Gingerbread recipe over at Post Punk Kitchen.  Isa & Terry's recipe is wonderful, and we used to follow it to the letter, but after several years we have made a few changes.  Where PPK's recipe calls for canola oil (yuck!) we use melted coconut oil and where they call for soymilk, we're fans of almond milk... but everything else is essentially the same.  

When the dough is ready and the oven is warmed, we roll things out and go crazy with our growing collection of witchy cookie cutters.  We have antlered beasts, cauldrons, pointed hats, fairies, stars, and round-bellied goddess'.  

We make our cookies thick.  I love a chewy, rather than crunchy, gingerbread cookie.  My son has inherited this preference.  We usually rest our gingerbread for a day before icing.  I still don't have a favorite icing recipe and with the rush of the holidays, I sometimes just whip food coloring into pre-made tub frosting.

**Note that this was originally intended to be a 2-part post... but everyone ate the gingerbread so quickly that I had nothing to photograph!  We will try again soon LOL** 

The only picture I managed to snap was with my cell phone.  It was the wee hours of the morning while Doodle Bug was supposed to be getting ready for school.  Haha!  If you look close though, you can almost see that the cookies are thick and how I pipe icing on to outline the shape.  

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