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Monday, November 5

Making Seitan Stew with Doodle Bug

Tonight, Doodle Bug helped me to make a "Meat & Potatoes" Seitan Stew.  I love cooking with him.  Chopping of vegetables reinforces fine motor skills and dexterity.   As a special needs boy, we need to be vigilant in up-keeping skills like these (tips soon to come in another post).

On cold nights when there is a want for something warm in our bellies and yet I have chores like dish-washing to get done, his help is a blessing.  

Tonight, he chopped organic potatoes and carrots for our dinner.


After he did all that hard work, he dashed off to play with a balloon he found while I finished things up.  Here I have sauteed onion, garlic and a pound of seitan in olive oil.

When our carrots and potatoes were ready, I added the contents of the skillet and blended in some parsley and a can of lima beans.  It was delicious and perfectly vegetarian!

Doodle Bug could barely wait for it to cool!  :)

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