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Tuesday, November 20

It's Thyme for a New Thanksgiving Tradition: Adopt a Turkey!

Being a cruelty-free home, I have recently been enamored with the idea of starting the tradition of adopting a turkey each year.  A turkey like 'Skip' or 'Thyme' at below.  Turkeys, often written off as a dumb yet delicious, laughable creatures, are actually highly intelligent beings.  They can live in the wild for a decade, flying, running and forming complex social circles.

There are several options.  For $30, you can "adopt" a turkey, but it's really more of a sponsorship as you don't bring the critter home with you.  They stay at the rescue which has become their home and the funds are used to feed and care for them.  You are issued a certificate and color photo.

The second option involves a screening process and the actual home-adoption of a turkey (or goat, goose, duck, rabbit, pig, etc.) into your home.  Turkeys can be highly loyal and as curious and excitable as a puppy dog... if you have the room and talent to raise farm animals, this may be a unique and beautiful gift for your family. 

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