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Monday, November 12

Add a Pagan Soldier to Your Gift List This Year

We are not supporters of war in the House of Mama Stacey, but we do support the men and women who serve.  Today, Veterans Day here in the United States, we will be gathering up items to be sent to Pagan soldiers overseas during the Winter Solstice.  There are not many organizations that focus on Pagans specifically, but Circle Sanctuary in Wisconsin has one and we're glad to be a part of it.

Pagan Soldiers

Pagans in the military has been a hot topic in the Pagan community off an on for a decade.  President G.W. Bush thought the idea was poppycock, but the actual Pagans in uniform throughout the US did not.  Back in 2007 the US Department of Veterans Affairs approved the Pentacle for use on military headstones and plates.  This was after a decade of work by countless organizations, Pagan and non-Pagan, and the hard work and dedication of many, many people.  Rallies and paperwork, protests, frustration and more paperwork.  The artist known as Celia even penned a theme song for the movement that many of you may remember.

"Symbol" ~ Celia Farran

Though still small in number, Pagans are a legitimate population within the different military branches here in the United States.  Support organizations have come and gone, like that of the Military Pagan Network, and yet leave trails for others to follow.  Current organizations like  Lady Liberty League, the Pagan Military Association, and Pagans United all work to support Pagans in the military.  Circle Sanctuary takes a large supportive role in this as well.  Their Military Ministries provide the Order of the Pentacle veteran's newsletter, the Pagan Warrior Radio weekly podcasts and other avenues of support.

Operation Circle Care

Circle Sanctuary, with the help of a dozen other Pagan groups and organizations, puts together religious care packages for Pagan military members serving in active war.  These packages are ideally made up of music CDs, phone cards, religious pendants, and small portable altar items.  Other goodies include gift cards for places that ship overseas.

If you're not sure what to send, they are always accepting donations of funds to purchase supplies and to pay for shipping of these precious bundles. 

Click HERE to get to the official website for a more detailed list of items and for information about how to add the name of a loved one overseas to the list. 

Even if you can't manage to put together a package for Operation Circle Care, we at the House of Mama Stacey encourage you to donate time, money or supplies, whatever you can spare, to a program that helps military families, soldiers or veterans at some point during the year.  If you can't give, but are willing to help collect, volunteers are always needed by these same organizations.  There are even places that help find foster homes for pets whose owners are shipping out and need love and support while their owners are away.

Dogs On Deployment  Finding homes for dogs whose owners are deployed

Soldiers' Angels  This organization hosts a huge batch of support work.  Military animals, baked goods, hospitalized soldiers, Adopt-A-Soldier programs, and more.

Operation Gratitude  Care packages for veterans who return home, vehicles for veterans, and programs for children of military families.

There are hundreds of other organizations.  Doing a quick Google search or making a call to your local newspaper will give you a way to help.  So, go ahead and add a soldier to your gift list this Yule. <3

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