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Monday, October 22

Spooky Walk

When Doodle Bug was in HeadStart [a preschool program here] I used to volunteer in the classroom at least once a week.  It was amazing to see all of these kids interacting.  Playtimes were my favorite times, just like the kids.  I always made the children play dough creatures and read stories with them.  I was that mom that the kids cheered when I came through the door.  The teacher was always picking my brain for fieldtrip ideas and craft projects.

One day during music time, the teacher pulled out a record of a song called "Spooky Walk".  It has the same beat as "Going on a Bear Hunt" and similar motions for the children to act out, BUT it had this wonderful Halloween theme.

Spooky Walk by John Given

We're gonna take a walk
To a place that's dark and spooky.

This could be kind of fun
And creepy and kooky. 

I look out up ahead,
But my eyes can barely see...

We'll soon be in tall grass.
Stay together. Follow me.
Whoa! Did you hear that?
A black cat and a scary bat!


We'll soon be in a river.
Stay together. Swim with me.
Whoa! Did you see that?
A witch is on her broom, flying by the moon!


We'll soon be in that cave.
Stay together. Follow me.

Slow now. Shhh!
Sure is dark in here.

Feel the left side.
It's cold and slimy.

Feel the right side.
It's cold and slimy too.

Whoa! Did you hear that?
Rattling bones and ghostly moans. 

Let's get out of here!
Out of the cave!

Swim back through the river ...
Back through the tall grass...

Into the room—
Close the door.

Whoa! That was scary!

Here is one of the only videos I could find of this song in action.  The child in the green shirt acts out most of the song.  Again, it's along the lines of "Going on a Bear Hunt".

In the past, the only way you could get a copy of this recording was to order this gigantic music package for teachers.  It cost over a $100 and was way out of my league.  Until now.  The company, Newbridge Educational Programing, has broken the package up into smaller segments.  The Holiday Album, complete with "Spooky Walk" is now only $15.

I may just have to indulge for this kooky little song.

You can sample a better audio clip and see the lyrics here.

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