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Friday, July 27

Lammas Weekend is Upon Us

Normally our family heads to a park and does a pretty simple cookout for Lammas.  Our ritual tends to be low key and often involves nothing more than wandering the woods looking for wild berries or late summer flowers, being in awe of the natural world around us. 

This year will be different as my fiance works this a six day stretch and rain has been predicted for the entire weekend.  Aside from this life has been pretty busy and I don't see us doing more than perhaps relaxing the weekend away.  Finding out that we are expecting has put us into a happy whirlwind.  :)  We aren't too upset by this as the rain is a much needed blessing and the sun is shining between downpours.

Instead of planning an outing, I am trying to catch up on posts for this wonderful blog.  I hope to post an entry each day through next weekend to inspire families during this season of corn and grain, county fairs and late nights outside with the kids, ripe tomatoes and armloads of zucchini.

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